The application submission deadline is April 15, 2022.  For most candidates, the application will be due by April 15 of the PGY-3 year. Those candidates who are in a clinical fellowship may apply by April 15 of their first fellowship year.

All candidates should time their application submission so that PSDP-sponsored research training will begin ~15 months after applying. For example, fellows who entered the PSDP in July 2021 would have applied in 2020.

The Program Administrator will provide the application form with instructions to candidates verified as eligible to apply. Candidates initiate this verification by sending the Eligibility Form to the Program Administrator.

Upon acceptance into the program, all PSDP fellows are expected to begin their protected research time on July 1, ~15 months after submission of the application.

Please note our K12 NICHD grant is being renewed for July 2023.  PSDP Scholar Awards are contingent on this proposal being renewed.