The PSDP Steering Committee reviews all applications and selects a maximum of twelve candidates to invite for interviews. The Steering Committee may recommend revisions to an application before approving it for further consideration. The Committee decides which candidates to interview when they meet at the AMSPDC annual meeting, usually held in late February/early March.

In the past, the Selection Committee conducted face-to-face candidate interviews at the annual meetings of the American Pediatric Society/ Society for Pediatric Research, usually held in late April/early May.  However, due to COVID-19, interviews are currently being held virtually.  If and when the PSDP decides to revert back to in-person interviews, candidates being interviewed are encouraged to attend the pediatric scientific presentations as time permits. The candidate’s nominating department of pediatrics is responsible for all travel expenses to the meeting for interviews.

After the interviews are completed, the Selection Committee reconvenes to consider each application in light of the following criteria:

    • location and quality of the proposed research training site
    • quality of the research project
    • anticipated quality of career guidance and mentoring by the sponsoring department and research mentor
    • candidate’s understanding and appreciation of the relationship of the proposed research to clinical pediatrics
    • candidate’s commitment to a career in academic pediatrics and to scholarly and scientific endeavor
    • candidate’s intellectual curiosity, thoughtfulness, creativity and personal academic achievement
    • candidate’s attributes (e.g., life experiences or cultural experiences, disadvantaged background, disabilities) in addition to research-related ones that may contribute to their success

The Program Administrator will notify candidates of the Committee’s final decision in June.